JMicron Technology Corporation(Chinese: 智微科技) is a Taiwanese manufacturer of integrated circuits which mostly produces Serial ATA and related controller chips.
Its chips are used by a number of companies, such as ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI in PC motherboards, though because of difficulties, newer MSI models have moved to using integrated Marvell controllers.
JMicron’s JMF601 and JMF602 SATA flash controllers were reported to have issues with write latency, causing a stuttering problem. The performance problem was attributed to the small buffer size used in the controller. Some manufacturers tried to get around the problem by using 2 JMicron controllers and added more cache, but this increased the cost and still failed to deliver the improved performance. In June 2008, JMicron released version B of the affected controllers, which claimed to improve write latency and allow reserving more spare blocks to overcome the issue, but Anandtech’s test showed that although JMF602B has twice the…