Tag: Jelly

A jelly is a sweet or savoury food gel, usually made through the addition of gelatin or pectin to edible liquid.

Sweet jellies include fruit jam or gelatin dessert such as Jell-O and blancmange. Savoury jellies include aspic or plain gelatin. Vegetarian and Vegan make jellies using agar, which is made from seaweed or grass jelly as opposed to animal collagen-based gelatin.

In the United States, the usual distinction between jelly and jam is that the latter contains visible seeds or pieces of fruit, whereas the former does not. Jam is also often thicker and more spreadable. The traditional procedure for making jelly calls for the cooked ingredients to be put into a cloth bag. The liquid that drains through the bag without squeezing can be made into a transparent jelly. Jam by contrast is made from the whole fruit and liquid after cooking. Gelatin desserts are not ordinarily referred to as “jelly” in the US, and it is rare (though not unheard of) to use the term for savoury foods of…