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Instruments (always spelled with all capital letters by the band) is a three-piece music recording ensemble based in Halifax, NS, Canada.
J. LaPointe, Jon Hutt, and Daniel MacDonald began playing together in Truro, NS, Canada as early as 1991, formally establishing themselves as The Motes (along with Craig Thibault) in 1994. The foursome released six albums before disbanding in 1998. LaPointe spent 1998 – 2001 playing in North of America, touring extensively and releasing four albums, while Hutt spent that time developing his Recyclone project, releasing three albums and collaborating with Sixtoo, Graematter (Buck 65), and LaPointe once again on the “Numbers” full-length.
LaPointe, Hutt, and MacDonald reconvened as Instruments in 2001. They have since released two EPs, and collaborated with American rapper Bleubird and producer Skyrider on releases on Endemik Music and the Japanese label Granma Music.

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