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Ini was a king at Thebes, Egypt, during the 8th century BC.
Menkheperre Ini or Iny Si-Ese Meryamun was probably Rudamun’s successor at Thebes but was not a member of his predecessor’s 23rd Dynasty. Unlike the 23rd dynasty rulers, he was a local king who ruled only at Thebes for at least 4–5 years after the death of Rudamun. His existence was first revealed with the publication of a dated Year 5 graffito at an Egyptian temple by Helen Jacquet-Gordon in 1979. Prior to 1989, he was conventionally attested by only three documents:
Then in 1989, Jean Yoyotte published an important new study on Ini/Iny’s reign in a CRIPEL 11 paper. Below is a partial English summary of his article by Chris Bennett:
Yoyotte’s proposed identification of Menkheperre as the prenomen of King Ini/Iny, was based on his examination of the surviving traces of this king’s nomen in the Louvre stela which he believed conformed better with the name Iny than the Nubian Dynasty 25 ruler Pi(ankh)y/Piye. His arguments here…

Anwar sedia bersumpah

Ketua Umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sanggup bersumpah dan dibicarakan di mahkamah syariah terhadap tuduhan liwat terhadapnya, dengan syarat…