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[5 Jan 2014 | No Comment | 268 supporters]
GeForce GTX 780 Ti Morphs Into Tegra K1

NVIDIA today unveiled the revolutionary Tegra® K1 mobile processor, a 192-core super chip featuring the same NVIDIA® Kepler™ architecture that powers the fastest GPU on the planet, the NVIDIA GeForce® GTX™ 780 Ti. For the first time, next-generation PC gaming will now be available on mobile platforms.
The Tegra K1 processor sets new mobile standards by supporting the latest PC-class gaming technologies, enabling it to run sophisticated gaming engines like Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4. It delivers advanced computation capabilities to speed the development of applications for computer vision and speech …

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[25 Jun 2013 | One Comment | 333 supporters]
New GeForce GTX 760 to replace GTX 660

NVIDIA today announce the availability of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 to replace GeForce GTX 660. GTX 760 said to have better performance than previous GTX 660, three times faster than GTX 275 and twice as fast as GTX 560. The price point for this card is $249.
Designed to deliver extreme frame rates for all of this year’s hottest PC games, including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4, the GeForce GTX 760 GPU is the new weapon of choice for experiencing high-definition gaming. And, powered by an NVIDIA Kepler™ …

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[15 Mar 2011 | No Comment | 2,179 supporters]
Geforce GTX 550Ti finally revealed

As we mention it before, the graphic card will be launched this month. You don’t have to wait any longer as NVIDIA released the card and available from your favorite vendor soon. We have seen from MSI and Zotac also the price range would be between $150-$160.  Zotac also come with factory overclocked card which clocked at 1GHz.
Based on the early benchmark,  this card is fall behind GTX460 but better than HD5770 and GTS450.