GDDR or Graphic Double Data Rate memory refers to memory specifically designed for use on graphics cards. GDDR is distinct from the more widely known DDR SDRAM types such as DDR3, although they share some technologies – including double data rate design – in common. Currently, the following generations of GDDR exist, with the higher number indicating the more recent specifications:

Upcoming NVIDIA GeForce 550 Ti

After launching GeForce 560 Ti, NVIDIA will introduce new GeForce and set to launch this March. The new card will be GeForce 550 Ti. The card is based on GF116…

Factory overclocked ASUS ENGTX570 hit the street

The new product from ASUS is ENGTX570/2DI/1280MD5. The graphic card overclocked to 742MHz faster 10MHz than stock performance. It also faster 50% when use with ASUS exclusive Voltage Tweak.  It…

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