Fluendo S.A. is a private company founded by Julien Moutte, Pascal Pegaz and Thomas Vander Stichele based in Barcelona, Spain. Fluendo aims at improving the global multimedia experience in the Free Software world by funding, developing and maintaining the GStreamer media framework and providing a wide range of, both commercial and free, products on top of it.
Fluendo’s codecs are their flagship products. They aim to provide a complete solution for playback of proprietary media formats on computing platforms using the GStreamer media framework such as Linux and other Unix-like systems.
In July 2009 Fluendo released the Fluendo DVD Player for Linux systems.
Fluendo products are made available together with their respective patent licenses which means that these codecs are completely legal worldwide. They are currently being sold at Fluendo web shop, Canonical Ltd. store, Mandriva store and Ubuntu Software Center.
Fluendo DVD Player is one of the first products that can be bought that…