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[11 Oct 2016 | No Comment | 473 supporters]
What Are Lumens & Candle Power? How Do I Select a Flashlight?

The purchase of a flashlight is a decision which many don’t research. The metrics by which flashlight power are measured have fairly non-obvious names, and the benefits of making a better choice aren’t immediately apparent. Yet, with a bit of basic understanding of the concepts involved, you can choose the flashlight that best meets your specific needs. If you’d like to buy a flashlight but aren’t sure how to make the right decision, here are a few illuminating pointers that will help you find the best flashlights.

Light is traditionally measured in units known as Candle Power. Created in early 19th-century England, a single unit of Candle Power is defined as the amount of light produced by a candle weighing a specific amount and composed of a specific material. The makeup of this candle has changed slightly over the years, but the output is much the same, and a single unit of Candle Power can be thought of in these terms.

Candle Power is commonly used for measuring flashlight brightness, though it isn’t necessarily the best means of finding the brightest flashlights. There is more to the effectiveness of light than how much power is available to produce it. For instance, if a bright light is shined in a single direction, or if its surface is partially covered, then its effectiveness is greatly reduced. As such, the Lumen is a far better unit for measuring the effectiveness of a flashlight.