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The Fedora Project is an endeavor sponsored by Red Hat to co-ordinate the development of the Fedora operating system. Founded on September 2003 as a result of a merger between the Red Hat Linux (RHL) and old Fedora Linux projects. The project consists, not only of Red Hat employees, but community members worldwide which make up 75% of all contributors within the Fedora Project.
The Fedora project was founded December 2002 by University of Hawaii Computer Science student Warren Togami. When Red Hat decided to split Red Hat Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and a community-based version, the name Fedora was eventually selected, it left the existing small business and home users with some uncertainty about what to do. Red Hat Professional Workstation was created at this same time with the intention of filling the niche that RHL had once filled but it was created without a certain future. This option quickly fell to the wayside for non-enterprise RHL users in favor of Fedora. The…

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