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Farewell is Tomiko Van’s first original studio album under the Avex Trax label. The album was released on March 29, 2006 with no singles released before it.
Farewell is the debut album by Japanese singer Tomiko Van as a solo artist. It was released in Japan as both CD and CD+DVD versions, with drastic differences on the covers between the two of them. This album is the first production released by Van after the disband of Do As Infinity.
For unclear reasons, the album did not have promotional singles before its release for helping sales. A few of the songs on the album have already appeared on various soundtracks, which might have been one of the reasons they cut straight into the release of the debut album. Only airplay of two of the music videos made for promotion, the jazz tune “Hold Me…” and ballad “Farewell”. Both promotional videos were included on the DVD from the CD+DVD version of the album.
With this album, Van gave a totally different step on her music, really different…

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