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Cube is a 1997 Canadian science fiction psychological horror film, directed by Vincenzo Natali. The film was a successful product of the Canadian Film Centre’s First Feature Project.
Much of the film’s appeal lies in its surreal, Kafkaesque settings; no extensive attempt is made to explain what the cube is that the characters are confined in, why it was created, or how the people were selected to be put inside there, and the movie remains without any answers. Since its release, it received a cult status.
An older man named Alderson awakens and is bewildered to find himself in a cube-shaped room with a hatch in each wall, on the floor and in the ceiling. Opening some of the hatches, he finds passages to rooms that are identical except for their colors. He enters one room and, without warning, is sliced to pieces by a wire grid.
In another such room, five people – Quentin, Worth, Holloway, Rennes and Leaven – meet. None know where they are, how they got there, or why. Some cubes contain…

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