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Shuttle also jump into tablet bandwagon

Seem this year CES is about tablet. Every company at the CES want to show their tablet including shuttle. Shuttle is famous with their barebones system. The P10AN01 is a…

Lenovo unveil Hybrid IdealPad

The new Hybrid IdealPad Unveil at CES is IdealPad U1. What is unique about this tablet is, it combine a tablet with laptop. While in laptop mode, the tablet act…

AMD Radeon HD 6000M series unveil at CES

AMD (NYSE: AMD) today introduced its next generation mobile graphics technology, the AMD Radeon™ HD 6000M series, delivering AMD’s highest performing notebook graphics for those who want to experience games,…

New MSI Wind U135 and U160

New Wind U135 Fever Grows with a Limited Edition 1 Millionth Commemorative Edition The MSI Wind U Series’ newest star, the U135, will shine while on display at 2010 CES.…

CES 2009 Hands-on with Sony 3D TV

CES 2009 Hands-on with Sony 3D TV A sneak peek of the Sony booth and their latest 3D TVs From:stuffmagazine Views:2839 6ratings Time:00:49 More inEntertainment More: continued here

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