New Wind U135 Fever Grows with a Limited Edition 1 Millionth Commemorative Edition
The MSI Wind U Series’ newest star, the U135, will shine while on display at 2010 CES. The U135 continues the superior traditions of MSI U Series notebooks with equally smart and light exterior designs and a 10″ LED backlit display with 1024×600 screen resolution, which not only increases the read speed and visual display of web pages and documents, but also provides rich and vivid colors. The new generation U135’s exterior design features significant improvements, with four different color models, Trendy Blue, Refined Silver, Cherry Red, and Wind Dancer Black. It also comes upgraded with MSI’s distinctive Chiclet keyboard and the newest Color Film Print coating on the exterior casing, giving the U135 scratch-resistant and anti-wear properties that keep it looking new after a long period of use and gives the entire exterior a sparkling and high quality feel.

The U135 features the latest Intel ATOM N450 processor with an all-new integrated architecture. With mapping and Northbridge chipset combination on the processor, overall power consumption and heat levels are reduced and efficiency is increased. At the same time, with Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 7, consumers can have the best possible mobile computing experience. In addition, MSI is celebrating the U Series notebook re-release and over one million in sales with a U135 Trendy Blue and Cherry Red commemorative edition promotion, complementing its refined, limited edition netbook accessories for consumer collections.

2010 iF Design Award Honors the Wind U160’s Refined Style and Craftsmanship
MSI’s ultra-thin and stylish classic craftsmanship has caused a commotion even before hitting the shelves, winning a 2010 iF Design Award for the 10.1″ ultra-thin U160 netbook that will be revealed at CES. This model features an Intel ATOM N450 processor that offers characteristics such as low consumption, low heat generation and ultra-economical power usage while offering above 9 hours of extended battery life. Also, its gorgeous exterior, with an extremely light and ultra-thin body, measures less than 1″ thick and weighs only 1kg—revealing flawless craftsmanship and technology.

The glittering U160 dazzles the eyes by using a Fancy Gold Color Film Print coating. MSI’s distinctive Chiclet keyboard, seamless multi-touch touchpad, and distinctive design features not only make this netbook light and portable with ultra-long performance, but also gives it an overall high quality feel and fresh styling that reveals a contemporary elegance. Without a doubt, it’s the trendiest and most refined convergence of mobile technology currently available!

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