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[17 May 2008 | No Comment | 63,671 supporters]

Ikariam is a newly released game by the german game company, GameForge. The company specializes in the coding and design of online browser games such as this one. The basis of the game are simple – build up your city and conquer the world. At the moment, other cities are not destroyable as that would mean one will loose everything he/ she has worked for but it has been announced that this will be changed in a future update.
Other games such as Popodopolous and Zeus worked on the same basis …

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[3 Apr 2008 | No Comment | 377 supporters]

KDE, the leading Free Software desktop, continues to release updates for version 4.0 on a monthly basis. KDE 4.0.3 comes with an impressive amount of bugfixes and improvements, especially in KHTML web rendering engine and KWin window manager. As always, there are also lots of updates to translations.
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