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[10 Feb 2008 | No Comment | 1,888 supporters]

When people hear or read the word “proxy” their minds start to wander and the look on their faces change, may consider such words to be too geeky to enter the common language, the fact is that the word is not self explanatory that’s why it is necessary to explain the meaning and functions of such systems, you will soon learn that they are very handy.
As shown by the online etymology dictionary the word proxy comes from the term prokecye, which means “agency of one who acts instead of …

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[22 Jan 2008 | One Comment | 1,818 supporters]

You should begin shopping around for aviation insurance at least six months before you are going to need it. Whether you are purchasing a new aircraft or fixing up a new one, you are going to need airline insurance. Start by checking around with friends who own planes to see which agency’s they recommend, and checking out insurance plans different agencies have to offer.
After you narrow down you’re choices you will want to call the agency’s and watch out for a few things. Be careful of an agency that you …