Compared to the other major players in the LCD TV market, Sharp is a relatively new competitor. Nevertheless, with great innovation and heavy advertising, Sharp has managed to squeeze itself into the major leagues of the LCD TV market. What Sharp lacks in experience is compensated with great design and astounding innovations. Here is a quick review of one of the few 65 inch LCD TV models in the market.


The feature that impressed me the most was the new design of the Sharp Aquos LC65D64U 1080p LCD TV. It is much more slimmer than most other LCD TVs in the market and when mounted on the wall, looks more like a picture frame than a LCD TV. According to Sharp, the Aquos 30% thinner than its previous models and many other LCD models in the market. As this is a 65 inch LCD TV, a super slim design really helps as a chunky 65 inch would be too imposing in any room.

The new Sharp Aquos LC65D64U 1080p LCD TV has a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000 to one and has an impressive 4ms response time. With 176 degrees of wide angle viewing, you can catch a good view of the screen from almost any angle.

When the TV is off, there seems to some reflection of the lamps on the screen. When it is turned on, the reflections are not visible. Some other customers have complained of some bad odor coming from the Sharp Aquos LC65D64U 1080p LCD TV when it is on for a few hours at a time. At the time of writing, I have yet to notice any odors (keep my fingers crossed).

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