McLean, Va., March 10, 2008 — ServInt, a pioneering provider of high-reliability web hosting for businesses worldwide, today introduced its new SuperVPS service.  The SuperVPS virtual private server is a powerful replacement for the traditional dedicated server.  It offers customers increased redundancy while providing the same computing performance of a traditional dedicated server — with significant cost savings.

As ServInt’s new flagship service, SuperVPS is ideal for small and medium-size web-based companies that demand a hosting service managed by experienced professionals.

SuperVPS is particularly well suited for socially responsible companies seeking to operate their businesses with minimal impact on the environment.  A truly �green�solution, SuperVPS features low energy consumption, low-voltage hardware, carbon-footprint offsetting and green energy credits.

ServInt Founder and CEO Reed Caldwell said, “Many businesses that successfully leverage service providers for web hosting now understand they no longer need a dedicated server to run their applications.  They are eager to adopt virtualization as an important component of a Green IT program.”

Caldwell added, “SuperVPS meets growing demand for a highly redundant, enterprise-class hosting solution with an easy upgrade path.  Unlike automated web-hosting services, SuperVPS is carefully managed around the clock by seasoned hosting experts.  It truly represents the future of virtualization.”

He concluded, “Not only does SuperVPS provide more redundancy than dedicated servers, it also meets the goal of environmental sustainability.  It represents ServInt’s vision to provide intelligent web-hosting solutions that support a business’ long-term growth, while supporting the health of the community and the planet.”

Caldwell explained that SuperVPS’ contribution to a Green IT strategy includes:  low per-capita energy consumption through efficient virtualization; Dell low-voltage server hardware; carbon-footprint offsetting through large-scale tree-planting campaigns, and; a commitment to 100 percent recycling of component hardware at end of life.

Those interested in learning more about SuperVPS can call 800-573-7846 or visit

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