SAPPHIRE Technology demonstrated at Computex in June 2010 the ability to run applications and games in 3D over three screens running ATI Eyefinity.

Powered by a single SAPPHIRE graphics card with ATI Eyefinity support, the display comprised three Zalman Trimon 3D monitors side by side to provide a display area of 5760 x 1080 pixels. 3D support was added by running an additional 3D driver from third party iZ3D in addition to the ATI Catalyst suite. The system is based on polarizing the display information, so users wear lightweight polarizing glasses (or clip-ons) similar to those used in 3D cinemas.

Several games were demonstrated to run perfectly on this system, including some of the latest titles such as Tom Clancy’s Hawx2, Left4Dead2, BattleForge and Dirt2.

Observers remarked how the system ran very smoothly, and the 3D effects were really convincing and immersive. The effects are especially pronounced in scenes where there is a large depth of field. Combined with the extended viewing area provided by ATI Eyefinity this makes game play much more immersive, improves in-game spatial awareness and makes players more competitive as a result of the additional display information.

Bill Donnelly, Global PR Director for SAPPHIRE commented “This technology demonstrates that games and applications can be displayed in 3D on multiple screens, and run smoothly, without the need for multiple graphics cards or expensive shutter glasses. This approach uses low cost glasses, and can be run on any system with an ATI-based SAPPHIRE graphics card that has ATI Eyefinity support.”

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