April 22, 2008 – Rack-Soft launched today the latest version of the backup solution for Parallels Plesk. 4PSA Total Backup 2 is a Parallels Plesk add-on that automates the server backup processes and maximizes hosting server availability. This release of the popular 4PSA backup solution comes with new features and design enhancements oriented to improve usability, flexibility, and server performance during the backup job.

4PSA Total Backup handles the entire backup lifecycle: backup, storage, alerting, restore. The software is also able to encrypt backups, a very important feature targeted to customers that save backups on third party infrastructures. To minimize transfer times and backup overhead, 4PSA Total Backup saves only differences occurred from the last backup. Enhancements introduced by the new version include improved backup cycle storage that allows keeping locally and remotely multiple backup cycles, selective restore, the possibility to cap archives storage bandwidth, and compressed file transfers.

“Hosting providers have quite special backup and disaster recovery requirements. The backup operation should not affect production services, it should optimize disk space, minimize bandwidth consumption and guarantee information security. 4PSA Total Backup has been available for almost five years, saving thousands of Plesk server administrators from disaster. In the new version we simply incorporate the experience accumulated in these years”, said Bogdan Carstoiu, Rack-Soft’s General Manager.

4PSA Total Backup 2 is a Unix/Linux software add-on for Parallels Plesk, the industry leading hosting control panel. Licensing prices start from 69 USD and include 12 months of maintenance and technical support.

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