Purplenova is a leader in providing innovative solutions for secure desktop content hosting. Traditional Web Servers are difficult (and sometimes impossible) to set up on home and office PCs. Secondly, commonly used techniques for making desktop content web-accessible, such as VPNs or Web-conferencing solutions do not lend themselves to Web 2.0 environments, where a simple mechanism to publish desktop content is required. Our patent pending technology provides a solution to both these problems by making it possible to securely and easily web-publish content directly from your PC.

With the Purplenova FunCaster, you can publish all of your fun-stuff across many forums, portals and social networking sites with a single drag-drop. With the Purplenova Web Server, you can set up your own web-site with your domain name, directly from your PC.

The Company

Infinishare Technologies is the developer and licensee of Purplenova. We are a provider of technology solutions for Internet and mobile information access. The Company is founded and backed by Internet Industry professionals who have between them many years of experience in Internet Technologies, Internet Solutions and Services, Data Security and Consumer Products. Our facilities and infrastructure are globally distributed in order to provide our customers the best of services at all times, no matter which country they reside in.

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