Nokia is soon going to rock the UK mobile market with another N-series wonder: Nokia N97. Believe it or not. The latest buzz in the mobile market is that Nokia is launching another N-series member: Nokia N97. It is rumoured that with Nokia N97, Nokia wants to give strong competition to the upcoming Apple i-pod. The rumour mongers have just gone too far this time with the initial specifications sounding completely incredible. With a 5 megapixel camera and a 3 inch large screen, Nokia N97 is going to create a sensation in the UK mobile market, the moment it is released. Nokia N97 also has a MP3 player with a FM radio.

Featuring a 20 GB hard drive, Nokia N97 is going to be one of the best handsets of the N-series. N-series features ultra-chic, sophisticated handsets with the latest technologies of Bluetooth and HSDPA. Moreover, it also consists of hi-fi multimedia computers like Nokia N92, Nokia N93 and Nokia N95. Meant for the tech-savvy, these phones are exquisite Nokia creations. Nokia N92 is a pioneering Nokia attempt and introduces the DVB-H technology. Through this latest technology, you get the freedom to watch upto 50 free-to-air and pay channels on your mobile itself.

Boasting of high megapixel cameras with Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar lens, Nokia N93 and Nokia N95 are a must for ardent photographers. Nokia N93 has a 3.2 megapixel camera whereas Nokia N95 is equipped with a higher resolution 5 megapixel camera. Nokia is a world leader in telecommunications with years of valuable experience.

It has given the industry and customers many innovative technologies like GPS navigation system, HSDPA and EDGE. Nokia’s speciality is its rich technological expertise which has made Nokia one of the most preferred mobile brands in the world.

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