Camera mobile phones are one of the latest entrants in the mobile telecommunication sector. Many phone users want digital camera capabilities in their handsets. And to cater to this evolving demand, leading handset manufacturers such as Nokia are designing and developing some of the most sophisticated handsets with advanced imaging options. The Nokia N80 black is one such handset.nokia_n80_black

The Nokia N80 black is a camera mobile phone par excellence with looks to match! As a matter of fact, the Nokia N80 is well-known for its digital camera capabilities. The handset comes with a 3 megapixel camera, with advanced features such as anti-red eye, image set and auto exposure. Owners of this handset can use it for capturing some of the most memorable moments of their lives for posterity.

The Nokia N80 black has all the other features that a person expects in his mobile phone as well. The screen of the handset is clear and of high resolution; the color display is 256K TFT; and it is quite easy to send SMS, MMS, email and instant messages using the advanced features of this handset. As an owner of the Nokia N80, you could download mobile Java games, mobile phone ringtones, screensavers, mobile logos and so much more!

Apart from all these functions, the Nokia N80 can be used for high speed downloads. Owners of this handset do not have to wait long for their data. The handset connects wirelessly over the Internet using a WiFi connection. This ensures faster downloads and consequently higher levels of user satisfaction.

The Nokia N80 handset comes with an integrated radio and mobile music options. When a person is feeling down and out, he can easily tune in to the FM radio, for instance, and listen to his favourite music tracks.


The Nokia N80 black is one of the most popular models of mobile phones in the UK, as well as in other parts of the globe. Network operators in the UK including Vodafone and O2 are offering the Nokia N80 black mobile phone on contract. The ‘handset cost’ in many of these top deals in nominal. And in some instances, the Nokia N80 handset is offered absolutely free as integral part of these offers. The monthly line rentals of these Nokia N80 Black deals are affordable and the tariff options are innovatively devised. Consequently, many people are now able to enjoy the advanced features of the Nokia N80 black mobile phone, without in any way disturbing their monthly budgets.

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