The Nokia 6600 Fold 3G clamshell mobile phone features a 2.13 inch OLED screen using 16 million colours to ensure the screen is clear and bright. Unfolding the Nokia 6600 fold can be achieved with a one hand operation as the unfold button is conveniently placed on the side of the mobile phone. When purchasing the Nokia 6600 Fold you have a choice of two highly glossed colors, black or purple. There is a second display on the outer casing of the mobile phone, this can be activated by tapping on the casing twice. Information regarding calls and messaging are displayed on this outer display. It is also possible to deactivate the alarm by using the tap technology, so now more throwing your mobile phone at the wall!!


The Nokia 6600 Fold features a 2 mega pixel camera with an impressive 8x digital zoom and double LED flash, unfortunately this does not make up for only having 2 mega pixels, but this mobile phone is targeted at the lower end of the market. The Nokia 6600 Fold includes 15 MB of internal memory which can be boasted up by 4GB by installing a MicroSDâ„¢ memory card. A 512MB memory card is included with this phone from the manufacturer.

The Music player included in the Nokia 6600 Fold support all the major media formats like MP3 and WMA. A Stereo headset is included by the manufacturer which allows you to control the music player and radio while keeping your Nokia 6600 Fold in your pocket.


The Battery supplied with the Nokia 6600 will allow you to talk for 4 hours or give you 300 hours of standby time. If you need to connect to other devices such as your PC Bluetooth® and USB are supported.

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