MSI have update their silent graphic card line with the introducing of R5450-MD1GH and R5450-MD512H.

Both card should support DirectX 11 and ATi AVIVO HD technologies powered by ATi RadeonTM HD 5450 GPU.

World-leading graphics card and mainboard manufacture, MSI, officially launches the silent graphics card series, R5450-MD1GH and R5450-MD512H, to fulfill the demand from more and more home theatre PC (HTPC) users. Featuring ATi RadeonTM HD 5450 GPU and supporting DirectX 11 and ATi AVIVO HD technologies, these two silent graphics cards from MSI are the total solutions for gaming and audio & video playback. Furthermore, the fan-less, native HDMI and low-profile designs are customized for HTPCs, so that both models are prime choices for building a home theatre.

Exquisite video effects with DirectX 11 and ATi AVIVO HD
In addition to the leading-edge DirectX 11 gaming standard for users to fully experience the performance of 3D games, MSI R5450 series featuring the ATi RadeonTM HD 5450 GPU is equipped with AVIVO HD and UVD 2.0 video technologies exclusively from ATi, allowing smooth video processing without consuming much PC resources to allow users enjoy full HD movies with great ease.

Native HDMI connecting devices much easier
Moreover, the built-in native HDMI port on R5450 series makes true digital home theatre a reality. By integrating both digital video and audio in one port, users can easily connect a HTPC to any LCD TV or display device equipped through HDMI cable.

Fan-less and low-profile tailored for HTPCs
The low-profile design of MSI R5450 series is tailored for HTPCs with a mini case design. The fan-less design ensures absolute silence for HTPC users to fully enjoy the joy of home theatre. A total solution for both gaming and home theatre, MSI R5450-MD1GH and R5450-MD512H with low-profile and fan-less designs are doubtlessly the premium choices for HTPC users.

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