World-leading graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, MSI today announced the free bundle of Super LoiLoScope, the world’s first video editing software directly decoded by GPU, for all MSI NVIDIA® GeForce™ series products. Super LoiLoScope creates movie files up to 10 times faster than CPU powered encoder and allows users to easily play and edit HD movies.

Super LoiLoScope, based primarily on the exclusive NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology, converts video files with powerful GPU performance. According to NVIDIA® official data, the high-end GeForce® GTX 285 GPU equipped with 240 cores provides over 900 FLOPS ultra-high performance. This is much faster than any mainstream quad-core CPU which has only 100 FLOPS. Therefore, with the exclusive NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology, GPU power can be released for various complex computing tasks to enhance the video converting speed by nearly 10 times. Then, with MSI N-series products and supporting Dual Stream Decode technology, Super LoiLoScope even allows users view overlapping multiple videos in real time.

Moreover, Super LoiLoScope has an intuitive and easy-to-understand operation interface to fit users of all ages. That is to say, users will need to memorize neither complex nor complicated commands and manipulating procedures, but just simply click on the relevant buttons or icons to play, edit and render movies at great ease. Super LoiLoScope supports H.264 encoding for GPU acceleration, full HD movie editing, 5.1ch video playback, AVCHD format HD movie playback, multilingual interface in 9 languages, including Traditional/Simplified Chinese, as well as MP4, iPod, AVCHD and Blu-ray formats. These features make Super LoiLoScope a full-function and powerful software in playing, rendering, and editing videos.

In view of the implementation of Super LoiLoScope, MSI bundles the free 30-day trial version of this robust video editing software with all NVIDIA® GeForce™ products from MSI to meet consumers’ needs toward movie editing and to let users experience smooth and convenient HD video editing and rendering with Super LoiLoScope while enjoying the ultimate performance of MSI NVIDIA® GeForce™ products.

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