How do you pinpoint the most profitable Adsense secret when there are so many numerous little secrets, some of which have made a big difference in the earnings of Adsense publishers? Interestingly enough some so-called little secrets haven’t been so little and have been worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars to some webmasters and bloggers.

Actually the most profitable Adsense secret for any site depends on a number of factors. Probably the most important is at what level of development and Adsense earnings the site has reached. If you are a low traffic site just starting out with Adsense then there are a number of big secrets that will make quite an impact on your Adsense revenue and earnings. At this stage of development the most profitable Adsense secrets could typically mean a 200 or even 300 per cent increase in Adsense revenues, sometimes more.

On the other hand a site that is already making serious Adsense money is unlikely to implement any secret that will dramatically improve its’ Adsense profitability. At this stage, what tends to happen is that the many small changes that happen with the implementation of every little idea tends to add up to a major impact when you sum it all up. So there is really no single most profitable Adsense secret that can be pointed out.

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