SEATTLE, WA (March 5, 2008) –iLike, the leading social music discovery service, today announced that more than 200,000 musicians, including leading artists from all genres of music, are actively using the iLike Universal Artist Dashboard™ to manage an online presence syndicated across Facebook, hi5, Bebo, and beyond. With 23 million users, iLike is now the leading music application on Facebook®, Bebo and hi5, expanding its presence from North America to the UK, Europe and Latin America. In the coming weeks, through Google OpenSocial, iLike will also be launching applications on MySpace and Orkut.

World-renowned acts including Radiohead, Linkin Park, 50 Cent, Keith Urban and Herbie Hancock, are among the tens of thousands of artists that regularly use iLike to syndicate their songs, videos, photos, fan bulletins, concert information and exclusive content via iLike’s “Post Once, Publish Everywhere” platform. In fact, more than half of the top 500 acts in music have registered to use iLike to cultivate and communicate with their online fanbases.

“iLike is all about community and the ability to discover new artists, and music, through word of mouth,” said Keith Urban. “And the chance to share my music in order to expand that community is what it’s all about; not to mention the relationship can be more immediate and direct with my audience.”

“With the rise of new social networks, artists are finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of the options, and time-consuming to maintain duplicate presences everywhere,” said Ali Partovi, CEO of iLike. “Our push-button syndication solution solves a real need, giving artists the ability to reach more fans with less effort, and freeing them up to focus on what really matters: the music.”

The iLike Universal Artist Dashboard™ and multi-media blogging tools enable artists to post content for instant syndication on iLike’s website, the iLike Sidebar desktop plugins for iTunes and Windows Media Player, as well as across the Web via iLike’s leading applications on Facebook®, Bebo hi5 and for the iPhone.

Artists and their industry representatives are also embracing the iLike model because iLike is a major driver of music retail via convenient links to iTunes, Thumbplay for ringtones, Ticketmaster and The effectiveness of the iLike approach is demonstrated by the fact that iLike consistently ranks among the top 5 affiliates for iTunes, Thumbplay and Ticketmaster.

To learn more about iLike’s free services for artists, go to:

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