The brand new Sony Ericsson C905 has been released and the specifications for it are extremely impressive. The biggest feature for this exciting new phone is the 8.1 mexapixel camera it has, this is better than some of the top range cameras available at the moment.sony_c905

The phone itself has a talk time of 9 hours, has GPS with Google maps, Bluetooth, 2 GB Memory stick Micro and WiFi. This makes the phone the hottest new property when it is released in the fourth quarter of this year. The phone is slightly thicker than its predecessors as the camera and features need to be supported.

The C905 is just one of the newest mobile phones available to the public and shows how competitive the mobile phone market is nowadays with all major network providers competing with each other and trying to outdo one another with the latest inventions and innovations.

As technology continues to improve, mobile phone deals have to become even more comprehensive to attract new customers and keep existing ones. A few years ago Bluetooth and GPS were considered to be unique selling points for phones but now customers do not even ask whether they have it or not as they are seen as standard.

The Motorola MOTOROKR E8 is another phone that is trying to stretch the boundaries by making their new phone one of the best to play music on. The test carried out on the phone has affirmed the perceptions but people are concerned it may be used more as an Mp3 player than a mobile phone.


Customers can find the best deals on monthly and pay as you go mobile phones by comparing the latest handsets and deals from the various network providers. Searching online for those deals eliminates the stress and hassle of having to wander from shop to shop, hassled by sales staff.

The new Sony Ericsson is one of the latest mobile phones to be released as each provider battles with each other for supremacy. There are some great mobile phone deals available and whether you are looking for monthly or pay as you go mobile phones, find them online for the best deals around.

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