Throughout history the first man went to fly is Wright Brothers(Wilbur Wright/Orville Wright) based on their creation of the first airplane in 1903. There is also written in the history book 2 brothers from France(Joseph & Jacques Montgolfier) fly with the first hot air balloon in November 21st 1783. Flight theory have been documented back as early as 13th century, and on 16th century Leonardo Da Vinci draw a sketch of an airplane and a helicopter like vehicle. But a few artifact found in some place perhaps man already thinking about flying more than we expected.

In Egypt 1 artifact found in Saqquara year 1898. The artifact beleive dated 200BC categorized as wooden bird because airplane just invented on 1903. Until 1963 Dr Khalil Messiha have studied the artifact and conclude that it was not a bird, it was an airplane instead. The reaserch brought attention to Egypt goverment and they form a special board to study the artifact.

There is another case in Colombia found in tomb. It is a collection of jewelery and catalogue as zoomorphic(insect type like fish and mammal). But after further research have been start the researcher conclude that the object is a mini replica of an airplane.

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