There’s a particular resource that any number of people in business overlook entirely. The resource is MySpace. MySpace, as most people are aware, is a social networking web site. The thinking about MySpace may tend to be that MySpace is a site for juveniles. The reality however is that MySpace has millions upon millions of members, and these members fall everywhere along the age line. Though many MySpace members may trend young, the notion that everyone on MySpace is a kid is just plain wrong.

If MySpace isn’t meant for the very young, does that mean it’s an acceptable destination for the mature? To put it another way, it is okay for adults to use MySpace? The fact of the matter is there is no demographic ownership of the MySpace resource. All that’s required to establish a presence on MySpace is to set up a MySpace profile, which is a quite simple process. Some people unfamiliar with MySpace may think the MySpace community will effectively chase out someone who doesn’t fit a certain background. Be assured that this is not the case.


A more appropriate question is whether it’s sensible for entrepreneurs and businesses to have some form of MySpace presence. The answer here is unequivocally yes. There are over one hundred million profiles on the MySpace site. It’s certainly true that not every MySpace profile corresponds to one individual: many people have more than one MySpace profile. But even accepting for the fact that people have multiple profiles, it’s still a safe bet that there are tens of millions of people using the MySpace site. With these types of numbers, the possibilities for networking and maybe even advertising are enormous.

A number of different organizations operate on MySpace. These organizations are simply groups of people who share common interests and goals and have come together to share experiences. There are any number of business related organizations on MySpace. It makes perfect sense for someone with an interest in business to join one or many of these organizations and to become established as a part of the community. Putting forth an honest effort to participate in this way on MySpace could lead to one finding like-minded people to connect with, and even to possibly establishing a relationship with one or more people who can push forward one’s own personal goals.

What’s important to have a successful MySpace experience is to allow for a natural development of relationships, and not to push or force the issue. There’s nothing wrong with being assertive and reaching out, but draw the line at being demanding. Offer yourself as an asset and a friend, and others will typically respond in kind.

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