Instead of using Microsoft Windows-based technology for operating a website, many people rely on Linux hosting as a really good alternative. As most of you probably know by now, the code that makes Linux run is publicly available, which means that it is an open-source operating system. This is why people all over the world have the possibility to make the system better and better each day! Windows is indeed more easy to operate than Linux, but the chances of failure that Linux provides are very much smaller than for the Windows operating system. This is what makes Linux very useful for running websites.

There are several technologies currently available on the market, all of them being used for Linux hosting purposes. The first technology that is worth your time is PHP. This is a server-side language, meaning the program runs on the server, that is the computer that physically stores the website, rather than the computer being used to view the page. PHP is a programming language which produces dynamic web pages. These are pages which can change in appearance and content in response to something the person viewing it does, for instance filling in a form.

One of the programming languages which are being very popular among many programmers is the one called Python. It is relatively sophisticated, but is easier to understand than many programming languages. Python also gives programmers the ability to make a draft alteration to a program and check the effects immediately without having to make the change permanent. Python often uses common English words where other languages simply use symbols.

MySQL is a database system used for websites. It can be used for many different features such as a real estate company letting site visitors search for properties of a certain size and cost.

A more flexible method of organizing the information that makes up a website is XML, that is Extensible Markup Language. XML basically means that a website owner has much more control over the information on their site. With XML, any type of label can be used. For instance, in a page containing a recipe, a piece of text could be labeled as �ingredient� or �safety warning�. With the old HTML system, each piece of information was only labeled for appearance, such as bold or italic. This is why XML brings an obvious progress from the techniques that were previously used.

So, no matter which technology you choose, the single thing that really matters is having a clue on what one intends doing.

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