Light X-Slim X400
Light X-Slim X400

During May 11th to May 14th, MSI pulled the plugs as it set out to penetrate the global market with its new generation of slender, light X-Slim Series notebooks. In recent days, MSI has held product launching ceremonies in Frankfurt, Germany; Taipei, Taiwan; and Sydney, Australia. MSI President Joseph Hsu, Senior Vice President Henry Lu, and Ted Hung, Assistant Vice President of Business Development Department, officially launched MSI’s complete series of super thin, super light X-Slim laptops equipped with Intel’s CULV platform, underscoring the company’s determination to make headway into the global market.

Confident that its slender laptops will win over consumers, MSI has invested huge amounts of energy into their development and leads the industry in establishing a global presence. This week, it presented the complete X-Slim Series of notebook computers in unveiling ceremonies in Europe, Asia, and Australia. MSI CEO Hsu and Assistant Manager of Overseas Sales Ted Hung personally attended press conferences in Taiwan and Frankfurt, respectively on the 14th, while Senior Vice President Henry Lu was present at the one held in Sydney on the 11th. They helped introduce the X340, X400, and X600, products in the X-Slim Series with screen sizes ranging from 13″ to 16″. Each of the products in this line is less than 1-inch thick and boasts incredibly long battery life. They announced to the world practically simultaneously the arrival of the era of super thin, power saving, aesthetically pleasing laptops.


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