Theses japanese slippers are travel friendly, compact and portable. They are thin, lightweight, and easy to assemble. Perfect for long flights, hotels, or even cooking classes. See them take slipper form with the touch of a finger. Their flat shape saves you packing space and are ideal for vacation getaways.

Designer Profile and Comments: “Sometimes people’s minor gestures can suggest a design for a new age. Our goal is to create designs that people can use comfortably, enjoyably and for a long time to come. Genta design is active in a wide variety of fields, including product design for furniture, home equipment, and miscellaneous goods, as well as graphics, packing and space design. The Pop Up Slipper is an entirely fresh concept for a flip-flop. Just like pictures lunge from the pages of a pop-up storybook, experience the fun of these sandals as they take life from their singular flat shape.”

These japanese slippers are sure to become a must-have, wherever your feet take you!


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