Is Adsense Dead? I received an email recently that indicated that some 30,000 plus individuals have downloaded the Adsense Dead report. I read it myself. Interesting read.

Adsense has never been alive for some. For others Adsense may be a viable source of revenue.

One of the critical components of Adsense, which is common sense, is that as traffic goes up, Adsense revenue goes up.

If your traffic goes down, Adsense revenue goes down.

If your site is banned on Google, Adsense is dead for you.

So where do you stand?

My guess is that if you have Adsense revenue, you believe in Adsense. If not, you are investigating click flipping.

Or you are building a real web business. Selling real products.

One of my subscribers asked me recently ‘What should I do after Adsense bans me?’ I have not replied yet. What do I say?

Do what I do. Create solid content. Give a lot of it away for free. Charge a reasonable price for the rest.

Adsense dead or Adsense alive, content always wins.

Just curious. Where do you stand? Is Adsense dead or is Adsense alive? Drop me a line.

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Sean Mize is an online author and internet marketer, and produces internet marketing training materials.

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