Global motherboard and graphics card producer, MSI International, has always been dedicated to not simply producing great products, but also to developing anything which increase its customers convenience and easy of use. This time, MSI is pleased to formally announce the creation of a new internet interactive device without an operating system – the appropriately named Winki. It is a small device with a large array of functions: built in web browsing, immediate communication, VOIP calls, photo searching and more common PC functions. All one has to do is start Winki and in a flash the online world is at his/her fingertips.

Winki leverages a Linux base, but, through MSI’s skilled research, this new internet device revolutionizes the way most people will think of Linux. All installations and settings have been simplified and made more straightforward – by simply connecting an onboard USB Pin-header and going through a brief set of system settings, one can begin to take advantage of this tiny, convenient tool. With support for 15 languages, adapting to this device was made easy for the global user. More importantly, Winki’s greatest ability is how it compares to other OS supported devices: it starts up faster, uses less electricity, will not have problems caused by virus and, best of all, and does not cost customers a penny more.

By the way, Winki optimizes functionality by grouping together a powerful team of software solutions. This suite includes Mozilla’s Firefox handles web browsing, while Skype takes care VOIP phone call and other common applications so users won’t have to spend a lot of time learning whole new programs. One worth mentioning is instant messaging (IM) software called “Pidgin”, which supports up to 15 different kinds of IM accounts at the same time. No matter what account your friends are on, you are sure to be in contact with them all. Go with a Winki Edition product, and enjoy the express and convenience by Winki.

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