HTC MAX 4G – the world’s first integrated GSM/WiMAX handset. Supported by a broad range of services based on Mobile WiMAX network, the HTC MAX 4G delivers a rich multimedia and high quality telephony experience in a sleek and powerful touch screen handset.



Premium communication – Ultrafast WiMAX let you surf the web and download faster than normal broadband while GSM capability make you always connected

Widescreen entertainment – Enjoy video on demand and mobile TV on 3.8″WVGA screen, download music or ebook and save inside 8GB memory and enjoy them on move.

Sleek Design – The TouchFLO™ 3D responds perfectly to your finger gestures as you scroll through contacts browse the web or launch media.

Changing view – change the view from potrait to landscape.

VoIP via WiMAX – capable of providing voice and video oper IP connection on the WiMAX

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