Getright is one of the most popular download manager software for Windows. It support several features:

  • Accelerate speeds – download a file from several servers at once.
  • Manage downloads better – no more lost files, easily see what is in progress and find your finished downloads.
  • Recover downloads that are interrupted for any reason – lost connections, crashes, etc.
  • Easy-to-use and powerful – works within your web browser to make downloading a snap, but with easy access to advanced features for power users.
  • Reliable – GetRight has been used by millions of people all over the world to download Billions of files.

Main Getright Window.

Status of download.

You have to download big file? Well, no problem. You will always can resume the download without to restart the download from the start. The best of all, you can download the file by segment. It mean you can break the file and download it at the same time. Refer to my image. See how fast it can download the file.

The first step is to download the software. You have to refer at software page to get the software.

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