fennecFennec has finally escaped into the wild. Mozilla’s mobile browser is currently in beta for Nokia Internet tablets, with a beta for Windows Mobile due later this year. It looks gorgeous, but there’s more to it than a nice interface.

The big idea is to take Firefox and make it deliver on mobile devices. It’s not a straight port from desktop to phone, however. It’s being designed specifically with the needs of mobile users in mind, so the emphasis is on fast, easy access to the things you need.

That doesn’t mean Fennec is a bare bones browser where speed is all that matters, however. It will support plugins, extensions and themes, the Awesome Bar for easy entry of URLs and browser history, and the ability to run rich Internet applications (RIAs). You’ll be able to initiate calls from within the browser, access maps, use location awareness and run applications such as GMail, and the ultimate aim is to enable you to move seamlessly between desktop and mobile browsing.

If that all sounds very iPhone you’d be right, but Fennec won’t be coming to the iPhone in the foreseeable future: its targets are Windows Mobile, Linux and embedded platforms such as Nokia’s Internet tablets. However, while we’re sure Nokia users will go for it, getting Fennec onto Windows Mobile and Mobile Linux in big numbers might not be so easy. [via]

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