AMD Reduced Normalized Greenhouse Gas Emissions more than 50 Percent Over Past Five Years

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — May 19, 2008 —The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced that AMD (NYSE: AMD) has won the EPA Climate Protection Award in recognition of its continued commitment to protecting the global climate through energy-efficient product innovation, facility design and management, and industry education. As a charter member of the EPA’s Climate Leaders Partnership and a founding member of The Green Grid, AMD is devoted to leading the world to energy-efficient processing, while concurrently striving to be a sustainable and environmentally responsible corporation.

“Efforts to help fight climate change will benefit the planet for generations to come,” said Bob Meyers, Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator EPA Office of Air & Radiation. “We commend AMD, a 2008 Climate Protection Award winner, for their work to protect our environment.”

“AMD is honored to receive this prestigious award from the EPA, and I am proud to lead a company that recognizes its responsibility to minimize our impact on the global climate,” said Dirk Meyer, President and Chief Operating Officer of AMD. “We have worked tirelessly for more than a decade to reduce our environmental impact across all facets of our business-from the design and production of our technology to the amount and sources of the energy we use at our facilities around the world.”

AMD has proven its dedication to climate protection and is being recognized for the following achievements:

  • Emissions Reduction: Reducing corporate-wide normalized emissions of greenhouse gases by more than 50 percent, surpassing the company’s EPA Climate Leaders goal of a 40 percent reduction by 2007 (compared to AMD’s 2002 baseline)*. In addition, AMD has been a leader in the reduction of PFC emissions associated with wafer fabrication, being among the first businesses to join the EPA’s voluntary PFC Reduction Partnership for the Semiconductor Industry in 1996. AMD has reduced its absolute PFC emissions 98 percent compared to a 1995 baseline year. These efforts support the semiconductor industry’s worldwide PFC reduction goal established by the World Semiconductor Council.
  • Energy-efficient Products: Helping other companies minimize their energy-consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through industry leading energy-efficient products. For example, AMD PowerNow!™ technology with Optimized Power Management enhances the performance-per-watt capabilities of the AMD Opteron™ processor by adjusting performance based on CPU need. AMD PowerNow! technology can reduce processor electricity consumption, enabling cooler and quieter computers that reduce idle CPU power consumption up to 75 percent when enabled.
  • Commitment to Climate Protection: Emphasizing corporate transparency as one of the first technology companies to commit to a Global Climate Protection Plan. Since 2001, AMD has issued an annually updated report with its commitment, goals, and strategies for reducing the company’s impact on global warming. AMD is continuing this commitment by setting a second Climate Leaders goal to reduce normalized global emissions by another 33 percent per manufacturing index by 2010.

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