DUBLIN, Ireland and WASHINGTON, DC – May 9, 2008 – dotMobi – the company behind the .mobi internet domain name for mobile phones and the dev.mobi developer forum – today announced it has acquired the intellectual property assets of Mowser, a San Mateo, Calif.-based mobile browsing company.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

dotMobi’s acquisition of Mowser’s technology, developed by Bay Area mobile pioneers Russell Beattie and Michael Rowehl, is another way for dotMobi to provide a complete range of mobile content creation solutions for businesses of all sizes.

James Pearce, dotMobi Vice President of Technology, said, “When Mowser’s founders decided to make the assets available, dotMobi was first in line to acquire them. The work Russell and Mike put into making Mowser a ‘best of breed’ product is well-known throughout the industry. Being able to add that technology into dotMobi’s product line is exciting because it will exponentially stimulate mobile content growth.”

dotMobi plans to integrate Mowser technology into new business-grade and consumer-grade mobile development tools as well as include aspects of it into dotMobi’s popular content creation tools like http://find.mobi, DeviceAtlas and http://ready.mobi, all of which help businesses more easily create device-aware mobile content.

“At its heart, Mowser is a PC website-to-mobile website content adaptation engine,” said Trey Harvin, CEO of dotMobi. “dotMobi has been vocal against ‘blind’ content adaptation because it doesn’t allow site owners to have control over their content. dotMobi believes that brands and businesses should always have the final say over how their material is presented, and that the content should uniquely take advantage of the capabilities of a mobile device. This has been one of our core philosophies all along, and something dotMobi is looking forward to addressing with the integration of the Mowser assets into the dotMobi product line.”

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