Kodak Easyshare M753
Kodak Easyshare M753

Who  got  camera? Do not raise you hands. Good, all have cameras.  Digital camera is a must gadget for each person even thou just a camera phone.

Today digital cameras are cheaper and affordable because digital cameras use a memory card and not using film anymore. The advantage is picture can be taken many times and if the picture is not beautiful, it can be erased and then take the same photo again.

There are so many different models of digital cameras with a variety of styles. In general, it can be divided into 3: compact, semi-compact and digital SLR.

Compact camera is small and portable. It is portable and easy to put in your pocket or purse. Most camera phone can also be considered in this category. Most cameras have zoomed either analog or digital. Normally this type of camera have between 5-12Megapiksel. If before, we need to make the choice between a small camera and picture quality, now no more, even smaller camera able to take high quality pictures beautifully. It also has several levels of configuration, such as auto focus, auto flash, night mode, macro mode and so on. Usually this camera has a simple limited configuration and may be said of the automatic. Kodak EasyShare m753 can be categorized on this type.

For semi-compact camera, it’s bigger than a compact camera. Examples are as Canon Powershot. This camera has a lens that come out of the camera body and can not be changed. Picture quality is also quite high and may be considered intermediate camera. Among the advantages of this camera is the shutter speed can be change. With shutter, moving objects can be stopped. This type of camera can have optical zoom up to 12x, unlike most compact cameras that have only 3x optical zoom.

Digital SLR is the most expensive and most advanced like Canon EOS 7D. It is also have the most weight. SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex. Camera has a mirror to reflect images. The significant difference for this camera is the camera lens can be changed. Lens can be changed to wide-angle lens or photographic distance apart using higher quality lenses. Usually this type of camera owned by professional photographers, journalists or camera fans because can take more sharp and quality pictures. The cameras also have more configurations and have option to change the mode from automatic mode or manual mode.

In conclusion, choose the appropriate camera for you. Never follow your friend if your friend bought DSLR we also want to buy it while we are not skilled enough to use it.

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