When i try to install Centos 5.2 in this motherboard, i get kernel panic. Googling trough internet, i found that the problem is the network card. Firstly i thought it was because of Sata driver. So i disable the lan in bios and manage to continue to install centos without any problem.

Since the network is disable, i cannot use the internet/networking.

The step to resolve this:

1. Disable LAN in bios

2. Install Centos 5.2

3. Install kmod, go to : http://www.centos.toracat.org/ajb/CentOS-5/r8168/
*choose the package that suite your system, if your system 64 bit, choose 64 bit

4. On the problem pc install the package rpm -ivh kmod-r8168*.rpm

5. Edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and append
blacklist r8169

6. Edit /etc/modprobe.conf and add
alias eth0 r8168

7. Execute system-config-network and reboot your system.

8. Enable back LAN in bios

You should be able to get your network card working now.

*Since you cannot get the driver there, i have the 64bit version of the driver. You can download it here.

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