Linux usage has grown rapidly among American companies. Most experts estimate there are nearly 10 million Linux users today and that as many as 40% of all new servers sold have Linux installations.
Advantages Of Linux are:

1.) Linux is free.
2.) Linux can run on as little as 150 Mb of space and can run on as little as 2Mb of Ram.
3.) A Full Multitasking, Multiuser and Time Sharing OS.
4.) A portion of the hard disk can be used as the Ram thus creating room for virtual Ram.
5.) It have got windows like X-Windows system, and GNOME and KDE desktops.
6.) For networking, it uses standard TCP/IP protocols.
7.) The source code is freely available.
8) It is based on current stable Kernel version.
9.) It has a great documentation to work on.
10.) Red Hat package manager is included to update the utilities or to delete the utilities.
11.) Source Code is Included with the OS.
12.) Red Hat is considered as the most secure Operating System as of today.

As companies continue to adopt the Linux operating system, employers are increasingly looking for individuals competent with Linux. One good way to demonstrate that competency is through certification like RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) or RHCT (Red Hat Certified Technician).

Rafael Cruz – Senior Faculty Manager, NIIT Bangalore, India.

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