20091027093000_2Presenting New 3-Dimensional Display Technologies That Are More Vivid, Efficient and Distinctive Than Ever

AU Optronics Corp. (“AUO” or the “Company”) (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced that its new cutting-edge innovative display technologies, including 3D, in-cell touch function, and e-paper, will be exhibited at FPD International 2009, held in Yokohama Japan, from Oct. 28-30. The exhibition highlights include the world’s largest* 20-inch e-paper module, AUO’s first 6-inch flexible e-paper, 65″ QFHD 2D/3D Mixed Mode Display, 58″ HD Ultra Wide 2.35:1 Display, AMVA5 16,000:1 High Static Contrast Ratio and 65″ QFHD Ultra Thin 7.9 mm LED panel with High Dynamic Contrast. AUO President & CEO, Dr. L.J. Chen will deliver the keynote speech titled “Green SELECT: The Way Toward a Low Carbon Society” at the FPD International 2009 FPD Summit on the afternoon of Oct. 28th.

3D Display – 8″ to 65″ Glasses-free 3D Display Panel
Eye-catching 3D images have become a popular topic recently. With its great advancement in 3D display technologies, AUO will showcase a series of 3D display technologies ranging from 8″ to 65″ at the FPD International. AUO’s breakthrough 3D display technology, which does not require special glasses, has introduced technical innovations, for the barrier as well as the lenticular type. As glasses-free 3D displays need an increased number of viewing angles, AUO has leveraged the higher resolution panels and revolutionary pixel arrangement designs so that the audience can appreciate the higher resolution.

AUO’s 65″ QFHD 2D/3D mixed mode Display uses a lenticular lens. With a 2D/3D switch, 3D images can be perceived in 3D mode while 2D images can be perceived in 2D mode. Providing lifelike 3D images and a clear text display, the product will be the ideal choice for public information display applications for commercial advertisements.

The 46″ Real-time Scenario Lenticular 3D Display has eight views. A real-time multi-view system captures simultaneous images of objects from different angles. This image data is re-arranged by AUO’s self-developing image process circuit to provide the correct content for the 3D display. This technology can be applied when broadcasting sports contests for presenting vivid, real-time images.

Advanced TV Display Technology – Ultra Wide Home Theater Display and 16:000: 1 High Static Contrast Ratio.
To demonstrate its advanced TV display technologies, AUO launches the 58″ Ultra Wide 2.35:1 TV display suitable for home theater use. It has a 2560×1080 ultra-wide resolution and can display 2.35:1 films without black bars. Also, with its 120Hz double frame rate, people can enjoy tremendous images that provide an experience just like watching movies in the theater.

In addition, AUO continues the development of new generation AMVA5 technology to provide 16,000:1 intrinsic static contrast ratio with bump-less pixel design, optimized color resist, backlight structure and optical film. This ultra-high contrast technology still retains high transmittance, low color washout and a wide viewing angle.

Eco-Friendly Technology – LED Backlight with QFHD High Resolution and Local Dimming Function
Dedicated to green innovative technologies, AUO will exhibit a 65″ eco-friendly LED panel with QFHD high resolution, consuming 50% less power on average. The thickness of this 65″ TFT-LCD module is only 7.9mm and the contrast ratio is more than 2,000,000:1. AUO adopts the latest pre-mixed “LED Light Cell” with 256 zones for local dimming.

AUO will also showcase the 42″ edge light LED local dimming TV panel with 10mm thickness. There are 32 dimming areas and the power saving is an average of 50%. The edge light LED local dimming TV panel will be sampling in Q4 2009 and mass production will begin in the first quarter of 2010.

Leading Mobile Technology – Memory in Pixel Panel with Ultra Low Power Consumption
In terms of small-and-medium size panel technologies, AUO will demonstrate its breakthrough 3.2″ memory in pixel (MIP) panel. It has two display modes that can be adjusted independently. In normal mode, it presents a 230PPI high resolution. When switching to MIP mode, it can present an 8-color image and consumes very low power without decreasing the resolution. It is suitable for use in the sub-screen stand-by mode of new generation mobile phones.

OLED technology
Having developed OLED for a long time, AUO will present a series of OLED technologies, including the 14″ OLED TV panel with FHD resolution, a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, and 16 million colors.

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