As a leading technology innovator, ASUS welcomes any constructive competition within the industry to work together in providing better solutions for the consumers. Recently, ASUS has unveiled its new P5Q series motherboard, which incorporates the following ASUS cutting edge technologies.

Exclusive Feature 1: The world´s first energy saving motherboards now feature new generation EPU for ultimate energy savings and performance
ASUS, in September 2007, released the world´s first EPU energy saving motherboard. Now, the P5Q series utilizes the newest version of the EPU hardware based energy saving chip, which can detect current PC loadings in real time and automatically moderate the power supply for complete system level power savings.

Exclusive Feature 2: World´s first true 16-phase power design for ultimate durability and lowest power consumption
In order to achieve the best possible performance and energy savings, the ASUS P5Q series´ VRM voltage regulation module utilizes the ASUS exclusively designed true 16-phase power design; which features intelligent auto phase switching technology – when the CPU load increases, 16-phases are utilized, and during low CPU processing periods, it switches automatically to a responsive 4-phase system to power the CPU. This allows the ASUS P5Q to draw less power, thereby raising power efficiency and prolonging component lifespans for longer durability.

Exclusive Feature 3: All Japan-made conductive capacitors for low temperatures, stability and longer lifetimes
The ASUS P5Q utilizes 100% Japan-made conductive polymer capacitors for the whole motherboard, providing world-class stability, low temperatures, and reduces the risk of high voltages to the CPU – providing various ways to prolong component life-spans.

Exclusive Feature 4: 5 Seconds* from bootup to online with Express Gate
Many times, the PC is only switched on to access email, surf the Internet or chat with friends through instant messaging programs – so why waste precious minutes of your time just waiting for boot-up? In order to make PCs more accessible to people, ASUS has designed the exclusive Express Gate for rapid online access after bootup. In just 5 seconds, users will be able to enjoy Internet access, Skype calls, popular Instant Messengers (IM) like MSN or Yahoo Messenger, watch YouTube videos, view photos and check their emails – all without waiting to load Windows!

Exclusive Feature 5: 360° total protection for safety and data Security
The ASUS P5Q series utilizes 4 exclusive “Total Safety Features” to provide full 360° personal computing protection to cater to the safety of consumers and data security.

In regards to motherboard safety, ASUS has designed the Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESD) and Overcurrent Protection features. The human body can build up electric static charges as high as a few kilovolts. When contact is made to electronic devices through the fingers, this charge can cause electrical damage to internal components. ASUS´ ESD Protection provides static electricity protection that surpasses the EU´s strict standards, especially for commonly used USB ports.

An overcurrent is a current that exceeds the amperage rating of the external device (flash memory, hard disks etc) or circuits (e.g. ICs). If an external device with a fauty circuit is connected to a PC, an overcurrent might occur and seriously damage components or the external device. ASUS´ Overcurrent Protection automatically detects such overcurrents, and acts to protect your external devices and other motherboard components.

Users usually store photos and music in their hard disks. Due to complex backup solutions and the long time taken for backups, users seldom find it easy to perform backups – even when using traditional RAID options. ASUS´ Drive Xpert makes it easy to perform data backups through a user-friendly graphical user interface, or enhance hard drive performances without the hassles of complicated configurations.

ASUS´ Data Guardian provides a secure and protected working environment for users – and secures the user´s personal data via TPM to create a virtual folder protected by an encryption key, and then stored on a USB portable drive. With Data Guardian, users will never worry about unauthorized usage, hackers and stolen hard disk drives ever again.

The ASUS P5Q series of motherboards has broken through a new level of computing –now motherboards can be safer, more efficient, more stable, more durable and provide system level power savings to help protect and save the earth!

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