eee_pcThe Asus Eee is the fantastic new laptop from Asus which is affordable, lightweight, and full of features.

Eee stands for ‘Easy to learn’, ‘Easy to work’, and ‘Easy to play’. The Asus Eee succeeds on all three of these aims!

At 225 by 35 by 165mm the Asus Eee is the size of a hardback book and weighing only 920g it is equally compact. The beauty of the Asus Eee is the versatility afforded by its size; it can be used almost anywhere with ease. It is already proving very popular with students and casual computer users alike who want to work, watch video, listen to music, and access the internet on the move.

With a solid-state hard drive the Asus Eee gives greater reliability and is resistant to shock damage which is perfect for computing on the move.

Don’t be fooled by it’s small size. Asus have crammed an amazing amount of functionality into this little laptop. It comes with Ethernet slot and Wi-Fi for connecting online, a SD/MMC memory card slot, and three USB 2.0 card slots. For those IM fans or those wishing to make video calls the Asus Eee comes with an in-built camera and microphone so it is also possible to webcam on the move!

The Asus Eee comes pre-installed with a Linux based operating system specially created to be easy to use and full of features. All the applications you need are pre-installed: Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird for web browsing and email, Open Office which is an alternative to Microsoft Office, a media player, and much more. If you wish to install Windows XP you can do so. However it is unlikely you will need to do so as the Linux operating system provides everything you are likely to need, with the added bonus of being highly secure.

Asus Eee Reviews and Features

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