TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 2, 2008 –Apacer recently launched a new high-capacity 2GB DDR2-667MHz SO-DIMM memory module specifically for the EeePC, resolving the limitation of only one memory module slot for upgrades. In addition to its high-capacity, Apacer’s 2GB DDR2-667MHz supports super-low 1.6V power consumption, which is 12% lower than memory modules for notebook computers currently on the market, effectively extending the standby time of the EeePC and easing consumer concerns about exhausting the battery while on the go.

Upgrade Product Manager Jacky Ma at Apacer’s DRAM Product Department said that the high-capacity 2GB DDR2-667MHz SO-DIMM memory module specifically for the EeePC uses non-OEM/ODM pellets that have been carefully selected and processed through a precise manufacturing process, ensuring that Apacer memory modules are the best quality, highly efficient and stabile while also highly compatible. With 100% of our products undergoing strict testing before leaving the factory and high-quality after-sale service based on a life warranty, the 2GB DDR2-667MHz SO-DIMM specifically designed for the EeePC is the best choice when you upgrade.

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