As you know Adsense ads are best way to monetize your website or blogs. But a webmaster or blogger must be more careful for placing ad codes on your site for getting more conversion and clicks.

1. Set the color of the Ads. The color of the Adsense ads can be set by the publisher according to your site. color of the ad heading, contents and link can be set. Do it according to your site color so that the reader must not see a separate entity with the ads and the contents of your site.

2. No. of Ad Blocks, Links and referrals. Are you aware that you can insert three ad blocks, three Link units and 2 referral links of each referrals (Adsense, Adwords, Google Pack and Firfox) in each page of your site. Place maximum Ads on your site to get more clicks and sign ups) If you place more than the above no of ads, That ads will not see in you site. So place only 3 ad blocks and 3 link blocks.

3. Never Click on you ads yourself and from your computer. That is in Google’s Terms and conditions also that you never click your ads. If you are much interest on one ads, you can type the url on you browser address bar and can visit the site. If you click your ads google will find out it and will cancel your approval and the chance of getting a wonderful income will be end.

4. Do not get traffic from traffic exchanges. You get normal traffic and traffic from advertisements to get more traffic to your site. You won’t get money from the clicks you get from auto surf etc. and most of the traffic exchanges will place your urls for auto surf and you will be a looser. So do not give your site to traffic exchanges.

5. Set channels in your Adsene account. This is much helpful to see how your sites and pages function with your ads and how many visitors you are getting time to time and the number of clicks and income. Just sign in your adsense account and go to adsense setup tag and
channels to set your url channels and custom channels.

5. Visit you adsense account daily or in regular intervals. This will help you to evaluate your ads and sites and can make necessary changes accordingly.

Let us see again with more tips.

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