Month: August 2008

Lagi kapal MISC dirampas lanun di somalia

KUALA LUMPUR 30 Ogos – Sebuah lagi kapal tangki minyak milik MISC Bhd., MT Bunga Melati 5 dirampas sekumpulan lanun bersenjata di perairan antarabangsa Teluk Aden berhampiran Somalia, malam tadi.…

The internet biggest security hole

Two security researchers have demonstrated a new technique to stealthily intercept internet traffic on a scale previously presumed to be unavailable to anyone outside of intelligence agencies like the National…

Wish list: 10 improvements for KDE 4.2

Share Print Comments KDE 4.1, released last month, brought a great number of improvements to the popular desktop environment. It’s the best desktop I’ve ever used — but that doesn’t…

DIGG Getting Into Local News?

Digg has always featured local news stories submitted by its users, but they haven ’t been organized around location. That may change in 2009. read more | digg story

Intel Develops Wireless POWER

Intel on Thursday showed off a wireless electric power system that analysts say could revolutionize modern life by freeing devices from transformers and wall outlets. read more | digg story

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