amd_logoAMD updated its server processor roadmap with several surprises. The new monolithic six-core Opteron version, code-named Istanbul, will be introduced in June. We will also see a new integrated memory controller technology, 12-core processors in 2010 and a 16-core CPU in 2016.

Following Intel’s Nehalem Xeon 5500 fireworks, AMD issued a rather surprising press release that indicates an overall accelerated server roadmap. Earlier today, the company launched a new 40 watt version of its 45 nm quad-core Opteron chip. In May, the company will begin shipping a new high-end, 6-core Opteron, which the company says will deliver 30% more performance than quad-core Opterons – and maintain the same power envelope. The chips will be formally introduced in June, AMD said.

An entirely new Opteron “6000” series for 2P and 4P systems is due in 2010. The Magny-Cours processors will be available in 8-core and 12-core versions and will debut on the G34 socket and the Maranello platform. A new “4000” series will address the entry-level 1P and 2P server segment and will launch with the C32 socket and “San Marino” platform with the 4- and 6-core “Lisbon” processor. [via]

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